FAQ | Affiliate Pig


Here is a list of the top questions that we get asked. Please refer to this page if you have additional questions before contacting pig support, who knows the answer might be in here.

How does this process Free + Shipping works? Its a marketing method that shows customers a way to save money on the product price, and you as the business owner makes money on shipping.

Where do I find Niche Ideas? We can send you a list of niches so you can research it.

How does Drop shipping work?
– Visitor on your store makes a purchase
– You take that visitor’s purchase and fulfill it through your dropship supplier
– You input your buyer’s shipping information when ordering the product through your supplier
– Your supplier will send out the product to your customer

How long does it take for the shopify store to be built? Shopify stores normally takes 1-2 weeks to be fully built, however if you have ordered multiple sites takes about 2-3 weeks.

How does Refund works? We have a 30 day guarantee policy to finish the site. Also you would need to fill out a refund statement to see if you qualify for it.

Can I have more than 1 niche site? Yes you can however we recommend to focus on 1 site niche since it will be simpler to do.

How much money can I make? It varies on the niche since we don’t promise any sales. No marketing company can and if they are its a scam.

Do we offer SEO marketing? No we actually don’t we just offer basic questions on marketing.

Do offer hosting support? We actually don’t since their are over 100 different hosting companies.

Do I get suppliers list? Yes we send it after the website is complete.

Do we offer domain names? Yes we do offer those if you need some.

Do I need to purchase a shopify membership account? Yes you do its a monthly membership that you will buy from shopify. Please contact them at shopify.com to know how it works or watch our training video.

Why can’t you see your site? Because its password protected and you will need to unlock it in order for customers to see. Please contact shopify if you need more help.

Can you change your logo? Yes you can but you will need to do a request through email support at support@affiliatepigsupport.com

Can you use the custom theme on other sites? No because we have custom built in house with our developers and we don’t give it out.

Can I add more than the 50 products? Yes you can we will send you the training videos to learn how to add more than just the 50.

Do I ship the products or do pig support? We actually don’t ship the products for you. Please refer back to question 3 in which it explains the dropshipping process.

Can I linked 1 shopify stores to multiple domains? No 1 shopify store to 1 domain name.

Can I change my store name? Yes you actually can contact shopify to know how. However you won’t be about to change the store URL.

Can I change my niche after the site is completed? No once its done we no longer can do any changes to it.

How does FaceBook marketing work? We actually have a dedicated team that will work on it while your store site is being completed.

Do we pick your niche for you? No we actually don’t we have a list that we can send to you that has the top 25 current niches that is selling online.

Do you have phone or chat support? We actually don’t offer any chat support like Skype or phone support. Currently we only offer email support Mon- Friday 8AM-5PM MST

Can we use different gateways for payment methods? Yes you can however we recommend Paypal since it works really well with shopify.

Do we use a different platform than shopify? No we only use shopify since its the easiest platform that works with our custom theme.