makemoneyThere are many affiliates out there looking for a quick payout and sometimes often forgetting the steps that goes into each and every campaign.  Many new affiliates see how others are succeeding and of course would want the same success for themselves.  The reality of it is, many new affiliates do not know how to implement these strategies and really killing it to making well over $5k-$10k per month.  In this post, I will show you 3 methods to how you can become successful in affiliate marketing and take your business to the top :

Method #1 – Authority Site Blogging

Ever since 2008 and all the way up until now, around 80% of my income has been through authority sites and blogs which I have created throughout the years.  Creating authority blogs enabled me to generate a passive 4-5 figure income each month through some of the blogs and keywords that I have been ranking for years.   Authority blogs are basically LARGE blogs that contain massive amounts of information regarding a specific niche.

One of the better authority blogs that I owned were in the music niche and that’s generating over 11,000 visits per day and making over $100-$200 per day on autopilot.  Other blogs such as financial blogs generating over 100 uniques per day and making around $1500 per month on certain affiliate networks also work very well.  When creating authority blogs, you want to make sure that you are captivating your audience and keeping them on your website.

The more high quality contents you have on your website, the more Google will favor your website and getting you more rankings for your keywords.  These authority blogs that we have been creating for ourselves and our clients have been ranking for massive amounts of keywords and pulling in search engine traffic for hundreds and thousands of keywords.  Many affiliates often focus on smaller numbers of keywords, but if you want to really hit it big, you need to be focusing on thousands of keywords.

If one keyword were to bring in 1 visitor per day and you were focusing on 10,000 different keywords for a specific niche, that’s roughly 10k unique visitors per day.  Focusing on the bigger picture and doing everything bigger will help you bring success.  We create authority blogs for clients as well and if you are looking for a fast way to get a kick start to your online marketing, I would encourage you to check out our super affiliate authority site services.

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Method #2 – Paid Advertising & Media Buying

One of the best ways to making crazy fast amounts of money in affiliate marketing is by paid advertising and media buying.  I would recommend that you set aside at least $500-$1500 in “testing mode” traffic and “learning curve” traffic.  The reason why you need to set aside this amount is because the ONLY person who will be able to teach paid advertising and media buying is YOURSELF.

You can learn many different techniques to doing it the right way, but you are ultimately the only person who will be able to teach yourself what’s working best for you.  Paid advertising and media traffic is all about testing your different offers, demographics, landing pages and niches.  You will need to take everything you’ve learned in paid advertising and media buying and actually just go take action.

You cannot also expect to see millions of dollars overnight because it does not happen that way.  You will need to start at least 10 campaigns per day and out of those 10 campaigns, you will be able to find out which ones convert best for you and dump the rest.  It’s as simple as that … Paid advertising and media buying is not rocket science and if you have the determination to do it, then here’s my personal top 5 networks I use.

Here are my personal 5 best networks to paid advertising :

#1 – Facebook

#2 – DNTX

#3 – Microsoft Adcenter

#4 – BuzzCity

#5 – TrafficVance

Method #3 – Product/Service Launching & Joint Ventures

The best way for a newbie to start making money on the internet and hit $5k-$10k per month is to actually start SELLING SOMETHING!  If you are dead broke and don’t know where to go but want to start making a good income on the internet, sell a product or a service.  If you have skills and you don’t know where to start, sell your service!  If you have an idea and want to sell the crap out of it, create a product!  I have seen many newbies go from zero to making a good living on the internet doing this.

The best way to start selling your products and services is to see what others are doing and try it yourself.  If you are good with graphics design, sell your designing services.  The most important part about selling a product or a service is to ensure that you also treat your customers right.  Making sure that the products and services you provide for your customers go above and beyond the call of duty is how you will be able to consistently make a recurring income on the internet.

There is no such thing as a “passive” way to make a living on the internet.  You will always have to do the initial work and once that’s done, start hiring people to do the work for you.  Running a business will never be 100% completely passive and you have to constantly work on it if you want to achieve high success. Those that are earning 6-7 figures a year sometimes rarely even get over 4-5 hours of sleep per day.  I know because I am in the same boat!  You need to constantly work hard at achieving your goals and you will eventually taste success.

Here are some places to where you can also find JV partners to sell your products & services :

#1 – Warrior Forum JV

#2 – Muncheye

#3 – JVZoo

#4 – Digital Point Partnerships

#5 – Facebook Joint Ventures (Search for joint venture pages on Facebook)

Go out there and start taking some action!  The most important step is the ACTION step and once you’ve mastered that, you will be able to master anything.  The hardest part about anything in online marketing is finally getting your butt off the couch and doing something about it.  If you are broke and constantly broke every month, it’s time that you start taking some action. If you are always waiting for something big to happen to you, it will never happen and you will have to start taking action.  It’s either you take the action yourself, or you take the action to hiring someone to do it for you.  Either way, you will still have to work at your goals in order to achieve them.