How I Refused an $88k Check For Something Better

About 6 months ago I was offered an $88,000 cash check for one of my businesses and I refused … here’s why!


For me money is not everything and I am not moved by money.  Money will come and go, but the opportunities that I had in front of me was WAY more attractive than the $88,000 check I was being offered.  Who in their right minds would refuse such a large amount?  … I did and here’s my story.

I built a business online to the point to where it was making around $5k-$10k+ per month depending on the season.  It was generating a healthy amount of revenue and I had the opportunity to either sell my business or take it to the next level.  Of course you can already imagine what I did with it!  I chose to take my business to the next level by learning how big businesses operate and how big multi-million dollar companies work.  I did this and chose to work with 2 extremely successful entrepreneurs who had everything set for them.  They owned multiple companies and was making over $7,000,000+ per year in their multiple companies.  Why did I refuse that $88k check?  It was because I knew there was something greater that I could learn by working with these guys and taking the plunge by sacrificing an $88k check for something better.

I know people who have spent over $100k just for ADVICE and not even for any resources or additional benefits.  There are people out there who are multi-millionaires and spend 6 figures just to get information and this is the power of what information can do for your business.  If you knew what it would take to create a multi-million dollar company and the exact steps to take your business there, would you spend $100k for this information?  Of course it all depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to get you there.

The Results


After working with these 2 extremely successful entrepreneurs, I learned what it takes to really get there and to keep the momentum.  It’s really in the HUSTLE that makes a big company what it is today.  It’s in the work ethics and in the hiring process to surround yourself with extremely talented people that can help you build your business.  If you are not building your business and continuing to grow your business by taking risks, you might as well just save your money and don’t bother.  What I learned by working with these guys is that you will need to constantly hire good people and to get people to generate cash flow for your business.

The top 5 things I’ve learned

– Hire people who are better and have more skills that can help you grow

– Focus on recurring revenues and money coming in every month

– Get organized and start thinking about the BIGGER picture

– Build up a sales team and constantly be closing

– Always have a hustler’s spirit to constantly grow your business

These 2 entrepreneurs have invested a great deal of money into businesses and some will fail and some will be profitable.  The greatest thing I’ve learned throughout the 6 months was that in order to grow your business, you really need to HUSTLE.  It’s in that hustler’s mentality and that hustler’s spirit that will take you to the next level. It’s not a magic button, it’s not more cash injected into your business, it’s not a secret. Big businesses have to hustle in order to get to where they want to be.  The reason why I refused a huge amount of cash upfront for my entire business is because I know it’s valued and worth ALOT more than the cash.

I have gained much information and knowledge at the end of the day and because of that I will be able to double, triple, and 10x my investments.  I am on the road to success and because of these investments and the things that I have learned, I am continually growing.  In business it’s either you take the risk and grow faster, or you just sit in the sidelines and wait for something magical to happen.

What will do you?