list-buildingIn this guide, we will show you different ways to where you can build up your buyer’s list and make money with it.  Many affiliates starting out in this space often do not know how to start or how to do it properly.  For new affiliates, typically they would go out into the world and start spending alot of money on advertising and send traffic directly to the offers.  This does not work as well as it used to back in 1999 and the market is constantly changing.  People are becoming more aware of tactics used by marketers and it really turns them off.

As an affiliate, your goal should be to get the trust of your visitors and subscribers.  It’s like the dating scene to where you need to scout the people you want to date, court that person and eventually end up marrying them – successful or divorce!  When you are doing affiliate marketing, you should start thinking of it in this sense to where you want to first gain your buyer’s trust.  You need to let them know that you know what you are talking about and that you are an authoritative figure in your niche.  Whether you are in the make money online niche, pet care, health, auto industry or any niche, you will always need to gain the trust of your audience.

In this guide, we will show you 5 different ways to gain your visitor’s trust by using lead magnets :

Crucial Steps To Building A List & Making Money As An Affiliate

#1 – Insert An Optin Form Offering A Free Guide / Consultation / Video / etc.

The best way to start building up your list of buyers is to simply get a 3rd party email marketing account such as getresponse, aweber, mailchimp, icontact, etc.  You want to start building up your list and the best time to start doing this is NOW.  If you are not building up your list, you are throwing money right out the window.  Building your list of subscribers even if you believe you would get 1-2 subscribers a day, it’s still over 600+ subscribers per year.  Those 600 subscribers could be an extra $20k-$30k in affiliate revenues / product sales / service sales for you for that year.  You would be surprised how fast your list starts to grow once you start building one!


#2 – Set Up A 7 Day Autoresponder

The second step to creating an email list is to also build out a 7 day autoresponder.  What this means is that every day or two for up to 7 days, your new subscriber will receive an automated email from you through your 3rd party email marketing service (getresponse, aweber, etc.)  They will receive an email from you automatically (each and every single subscriber).  So if you had over 600+ subscribers, imagine sending out an email follow up to that subscriber on a daily basis (that’s a total of 4200 emails that you would have to send out!)

This autoresponder will need to have relevant information and contents that you will send out to your audience.  I would recommend that you also add free tutorials and guides based on your experience as an expert in the industry.  You want your subscribers to trust you and what better way than by sending them follow up emails for 7 days.  Usually people will not start taking action and they won’t buy anything until after the 7th contact.  This is very important because you could have the biggest list in the world, but with no one trusting you or wanting to buy anything from you it would be completely useless.  I would rather have a list of 1,000 highly responsive buyers, than a list of 100,000 non-buyers.


#3 – Give Out A Free Gift

The best way to gain the trust of your audience and your customers is to often times give them free gifts.  Give them a free ebook, video, software download and you will gain the trust of your audience.  If you are looking to get the attention of your customers, what better way than to send them a free gift!  The best way to keep your subscribers subscribed on your list is to give them something of value and if the gift has good information, then the paid things you are promoting will have even better information.  Ultimately you want to help out your subscribers and make sure that they are getting valid marketing information that can genuinely help them succeed!  Too often do I see people sending out garbage emails promoting just whatever comes out not really knowing the background and if it will really help out their audience.  This is by far the FASTEST way to burn your list.


#4 – Do Joint Ventures With Other Affiliates

The best way to start growing your email list is to proactively reach out to other affiliates and potential partners that can help cross promote your own products or business.  Note that I highlighted the “proactive” part because it really is an activity that requires constant follow ups.  You will need to consistently follow up with your JV partners whenever you plan on doing a launch within your niche, or if you plan on doing some cross promotions with other partners.  Make sure that you treat your JV partners right or else they won’t come back!


#5 – Set Up Call To Actions On Your Website

The last step to building your list and making money with your subscribers, is to always have call to actions on your website.  Whether it’s a “buy now” button or a “subscribe” button, you will ALWAYS and I emphasize “ALWAYS” need to have call to actions.  Many affiliate marketers forget how powerful call to actions will do for their business.  Affiliates who are starting out fail to do this and end up wondering why they aren’t getting any conversions.  People need to know what to do next and by having call to action buttons on your website, you will see a HUGE and dramatic change in your marketing.


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