How To Get $.03 Penny Leads On Facebook

In this blog post, I am going to show you the exact steps to how I was able to get $.03 per lead on Facebook and get a whopping 75% CTR.  If you have been advertising on Facebook, you will already know how hard it is to generate leads if you are not targeting.  For those of you who just happened to start your first campaign without prior knowledge to doing it the right way, you might end up spending an arm and a leg in advertising fees and end up absolutely nowhere!  What I am going to show you in this blog post is how you can harness the power of proper targeting on Facebook and how you can increase leads, sales and conversions dramatically.  I would encourage you to follow my exact steps or else you won’t see much results.

I am going to show you the initial results below :

how to get penny leads on facebook

This ad above produced 5 conversions at $.03 per conversion.  Okay … here’s another one :


The same ad 1 day later has generated $.75 per conversion with a 7.35% CTR.

Now here are the total results after 3 days of testing on Facebook :




After 26 Facebook campaigns created and a $202.15 ad spend, we ended up with a total of 157 conversions.  This means that each conversion ended up to being $.77 per lead on Facebook.  Out of this, we made a total of $1928 in total revenues the past 2 days which rounds out to be around $12 per lead.

For every $.77 I injected into Facebook, I made $12 which is a 1458% ROI.

Here’s How I Did It (Complete Blueprint) …

#1 – I first found out how many people I have added onto my retargeting pixel (found on -> audience -> create audience -> retargeting pixel)


I found out that there were a total of 1800 people who visited my website the past 30 days that can be targeted on Facebook.  If you have not added a retargeting pixel onto your website, let me give you a clue … do it!

I found out that these 1800 people were genuinely interested in the offers on the site and can be retargeted.

#3 – I took these people who are on my retargeting list and created separate campaigns with different demographics, interests, etc.

#4 – On the retargeting campaign, I created multiple interest campaigns to separate the group such as the following :

– People interested in “internet marketing”

– People interested in “email marketing”

– People interested in “search engine optimization”


#5 – After finding out my target demographics, I went on to create the ad.  I used to find the highest voted images and used those as my Facebook ad images.  The reason why I did that was so that I can find the images that are already HOT.  This will take the guesswork out when trying to find a hot image that people will like and will click on.  This is how I received such high CTR% from 7%-75% because of these HOT, HOT, HOT images.  I chose 6 images to split test under each campaign to ensure that they are successful.


#6 – I wrote a compelling copy alongside with the ads  to describe exactly what I am offering as well as what they can expect after clicking on the link.  Nowadays people are smarter than you think … You always have to think about that.  People are not dumb and if the ad description does not fit the website page that they ended up on, you won’t convert! … simple!

What did the landing page look like?

Once people clicked on this ad …


They ended up on a landing page like this …


If you are looking for similar landing pages like this, please refer to our landing page downloads link here.

The only reason why these ads worked are because of the following factors :

#1 – Retargeting Pixels

#2 – Hot image that people like

#3 – Compelling ad copy that actually fits the landing page description

#4 – A compelling landing page offering

These are the 4 factors to how I was able to generate $.77 leads and had a value of $12 per lead.

I have also created over 26 ads and tested out different variables.  The key to making this work is to eliminate the ads that you are paying way too much for and keeping the ads that are are bringing in the best results.  Out of 26 ads, I have 7 winning campaigns.  These 7 winning campaigns will be my structure to creating more winning campaigns and scaling up the leads and revenues.  Eliminating all of the bad campaigns also helps Facebook optimize your other campaigns and carry the weight more on those ads.  You want to make sure that you are continually testing out different metrics and rewarding the winners.

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