The #1 Trick I Use To Making 6 Figures

What are the most important things in your business that keeps you organized?  Is it Google drive, a CRM like salesforce, wordpress management, or is it a simple notebook that you bought from the $1 store?  For me, my most prized organizational tool is my notebook … Yes, a notebook!  Depending on what kind of business you are running, you want to simplify your life and by keeping things in order and only you know what’s best for you.  If it’s an online tool that you use, or if it’s a physical copy of a notebook where you take notes and organize your life, it’s entirely up to you!

Here are 5 ways where you can keep your life organized

#1 – Keep a Notebook


My notebook is my life and blood in my business.  Without it, I would not be able to focus on the tasks at hand and I have been using this method successfully to create a 6 figure business.  Whether you keep your clients on your notebook, or your ideas it’s always a good method to keeping yourself organized … it’s also the oldest trick in the book (pun not intended).

#2 – Use White Boards


Whiteboards are one of many startup’s favorite tools.  You can get a fairly large whiteboard at your local Home Depot for $13-$15 and even cut it in half so that you can have 2 to place anywhere.  These whiteboards are great for planning out your ideas or even just to put down your tasks and to-do lists.  Whiteboards are also great for presentations and keeping your employees alert on what’s going on in the company.  The brain uses images and remembers images more than it remembers words.  Use this to your advantage and try it out! You might find your new favorite organizational tool.

#3 – Implementing a CRM 


Using a CRM like salesforce is a great way for you to build up your business and organize every little thing from expenses, clients, tasks, and much more.  If you have over 100+ steps on a daily basis, then salesforce is the way to go and it’s like having your own personal assistant on the go 24/7.  Keeping a CRM enables large businesses to grow even larger by having everything organized.  It is also a very good time saving tool so that you won’t have to go back and forth in the smaller steps in your business.

#4 – Google Drive For Business


Google drive is a great way for you to collaborate with others and share files instantly.  Using Google drive has helped one of my businesses strive to being successful … and it’s free!  You can use Google drive as a free alternative to a CRM.  You can use Google drive to access spreadsheets and documents which can be used to help you organize your daily business needs.

#5 – Hire an assistant


Another way where you can be more effective is to hire an assistant that can help you in your day to day tasks or even to help you with your online campaigns.  You can either hire one offshore (much cheaper) or you could hire one in-house.  The reason why I choose to hire offshore is because there is virtually no office politics and it’s just much cheaper.  Hiring one in-house also has it’s benefits because of course you can control everything instantly and you have a better hold of what you want them to do right on the spot.  Of course this option is much more expensive.


Keeping a notebook is not just my only method of keeping things in order but out of the 5 methods shown above, my favorite will always be my notebook. I keep all of my notes on here from client information, passwords, to-do lists, ideas to implement, goals and much more.  It’s human nature to always forget about what you should do next and by keeping yourself organized, you will be able to ensure your own success. Grant Cardone has also taught about the 10x method which is to make 10 times more of what you earned the year before.  I am implementing this method by always achieving more than I have ever done before and doing it 10x than what I did the year before.  Always keep goals and if you have not tried the notebook method before, I would highly encourage you to do so … it can make you your next million dollars!