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The #1 Super Hero Page One Ranking SEO Reseller Service Of 2015

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Module 1 – High PR Web 2.0 Profiles

We will create over 20+ high PR 6-9 backlinks using web 2.0 profiles that will help your website gain more authority on the search engines for your niche.  These web 2.0 profiles will help you not only gain search engine authority, but also exposure on the internet for your target audience and your brand.  These web 2.0 profiles will also most likely end up on top of the search engine positions for your branded keywords and give you that boost in authority that you need.

Module 2 – High PR Social Bookmarks

Our social bookmarking campaign will consist of over 50+ high PR 3-7 social bookmarks which will bring you a huge boost in link juice for your desired keyword and brand.  We make sure that these high PR social bookmarks are also indexed by pinging them so that they are counted towards your website’s authority.

Module 3 – Social Media Signals

Social media signals are very important when it comes to SEO and it will help you look like more of an authority in Google’s eyes. These social media signals from Facebook website likes, Twitter posts, pinterest pins and Google plus posts will help boost your rankings in Google.  These social media signals will also help grab the attention of many fans outside of your website within many social media platforms and help you gain recognition in your market.

Module 4 – High PR Article Submissions

We will post your website onto over 40 article directory submissions with a premium article spun over all of the submitted directories.  This will help you gain more traction on the search engines as well as gain traffic from the article directories right onto your website.  Article submissions will make you stand out more as an authority in your niche and help you get more link juice from the article directory’s linking portfolio.

Module 5 – High PR PDF Document Sharing

We will create a PDF document and submit them to over 40+ high PR PDF document sharing websites and enable you to gain high authority links instantly.  These pdf document sharing sites will also help you reach out to potential media attention which can help bring in more traffic to your website.

Module 6 – High Authority Private Blog Network Blog Posts

We will create blog posts on our high authority private blog network that are relevant to your website’s niche.  Google is now looking at relevancy and authority when it comes to ranking your websites.  These high authority private blog network posts will help you gain instant rankings on Google based on how relevant your links are.  All backlinks will be contextual and you might even receive traffic occasionally from these high authority blog posts back to your website.

Module 7 – Animated Video Creation & Distribution

We will create an animated video for your website and submit it to the top 10+ video sharing sites such as youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and much more.  This will give you a major boost in the search engine rankings and might even help you get #1 rankings for your video’s keywords.  We have seen many clients get instant #1 rankings on youtube and for their website’s keywords by just this service alone.  This will not only give you a major boost in the search engines, but it will also help you get traffic to your website from related buyers and searches.

Module 8 – Infographic Design & Distribution

We will create and design an infographic for your business and submit it to over 10+ of the hottest infographic sites online.  This will help give you a huge boost in your keyword rankings and also educate users who you are prior to visiting your website.  Infographics is an excellent way to boost your rankings on Google by giving you more authority weight in your niche as well as help educate visitors to go to your website to learn more.


We build Your Links Using A 100% Safe Algorithm

When we build your links, we do not spam the search engines with your keywords.  We build your links by using your branded keyword 90% of the time and by using your target keywords 10% of the time.  This allows you to build up more of an authority figure on Google and your targeted keywords will naturally rank higher based on this process.  Many SEOs will put your target keywords on full blast eventually leading you to nowhere and with a high anchor text to brand anchor ratio.  We want to make sure that you are getting the best and safest rankings on Google so that you will be able to dominate your niches for a very long time!

All Packages Come With Free Rank Tracking

& Optional White Label Reports


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Batman SEO Package

$197/ month


  • Batman SEO Super Hero Package
  • Complete 360 SEO Analysis & Report
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Linklicious & Lindexed Pinging
  • Modules 1-2

Superman SEO package

$377/ month


  • Superman SEO Super Hero Package
  • Complete 360 SEO Analysis & Report
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Linklicious & Lindexed Pinging
  • Modules 1-6

Spiderman SEO package

$287/ month


  • Spiderman SEO Super Hero package
  • Complete 360 SEO Analysis & Report
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Linklicious & Lindexed Pinging
  • Modules 1-4

Hulk SEO Package

$567/ month


  • Hulk SEO Super Hero Package
  • Complete 360 SEO Analysis & Report
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Linklicious & Lindexed Pinging
  • Modules 1-8

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You may cancel at any time! Our services are month to month and there are no contracts.

What Is Your Satisfaction / Money Back Guarantee?

If we fail to provide the services within any of our campaigns, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked!  We provide our services with a risk-free guarantee that you will receive everything mentioned within each campaign or your money back.

When Will I See Results?

Results will vary based on several SEO factors such as indexing and competition.  Clients usually see results within the first month of the campaign, but we would recommend at least 3 months for optimal results.

What Kind Of Report Will I Receive?

You will receive a PDF report with all of the work that we have done as well as detailed graphs of your SEO through time. We will continually send you these reports via email and PDF so that you will be able to track your SEO campaigns.

Can I Re-sell Your SEO Services?

You most definitely can! We actually have many resellers with whom we work with and they have been selling our services to their clients upwards of $800-$3,000+ per month! We also offer white label reports where we will insert your logo and brand onto each SEO report. All you would need to do is basically send off the reports to your clients and we will do the rest.

Can You Work With Adult / Casino Niches?

No, we do not touch those niches. Sorry!

How Many Keywords Do I Get To Choose Per Campaign?

We would highly recommend that you put a limit to 3 keywords per campaign and up to 2 urls. We would also recommend that one of your keywords is your brand which we will put into our algorithm ratio of the number of brand keywords vs. target keywords anchor texts. For example, out of 100 backlinks, around 70-80 of them will be your brand keyword and around 20-30 will be your target keyword.