Top 25 Affiliate Networks To Join


In the online marketing world, affiliate marketing has been changing the lives of newbies to internet superstars once done right.  If you are not doing any affiliate marketing, you are missing out on the profits that you could be making on your websites.  I have seen people go from zero to making over a quarter million in a year with affiliate marketing and it’s not impossible.  The basics of course is you will need a website (whether it’s an authority site, landing page, squeeze page, or just to redirect traffic from a domain to a direct offer which is not recommended).  With affiliate marketing, you also want to make sure that you are getting the RIGHT offers shown to your visitors or else all of the traffic you are sending will not matter.


Here are the top 25 affiliate networks to join based on my recommendations

#1 – Adsense

Adsense is of course one of the easiest affiliate network because you are literally working for Google.  You will get paid for EVERY click that you are sending to their advertisers (as long as it’s legitimate).  Adsense has been by far one of my favorite networks because you can monetize literally anything and get paid for it (very newbie friendly).

#2 – Clickbank

Clickbank has been around ever since internet marketing has started and has been one of the oldest affiliates.  Clickbank offers a wide variety of digital products from self help to SEO, to softwares and much more.  I would highly recommend that you join this network to see what these guys have and use them for your own offers.  Many affiliates are using clickbank to generate massive incomes passively for their niche specific sites.

#3 – Amazon Associates

Amazon associates is also another easy affiliate network where you can get approved automatically and start promoting their millions of niche specific products on your websites.  Amazon associates has a 24 hour cookie so whenever someone visits your site and clicks on an ad, anything they buy within 24 hours you will get a commission on.

#4 – Linkshare

Linkshare a.k.a. Rakuten offers a wide variety of affiliate programs to join under their network.  They offer products from technology, retail and much more.  I would highly recommend that you check them out and see what they have to offer. You can also use their network to advertise your own products and services.

#5 – Shareasale

Shareasale offers many products that entrepreneurs have submitted for affiliate opportunities.  Linkshare has a wide variety of products and services that you can promote and even up to $100+ commission sales. I would highly recommend this network and similar to clickbank, they are one of the best networks out there.

#6 – Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window offers many products from fitness equipment to all sorts of technologies.  This is a good network if your niche is in a higher level of income and can spend thousands of dollars on a product online. Of course the higher the spends, the more money you will make as an affiliate!

#7 –

CJ is one of the more exclusive networks to where you can find all kinds of offers not found elsewhere. You can promote offers from various niches and top high end affiliates.  It’s autoapprove to get into the network, but applying for some affiliates can take time if you don’t already have a history with CJ.

#8 – Ebay Partner Network

Ebay partner network has and still will be one of my favorite networks to make money as an affiliate.  Anyone and everyone who shops on eBay and visits your website will eventually help give you commissions if they click on your affiliate links.  EPN has been one of the easiest affiliate networks to promote especially if you have a website filled with products that can be found on eBay.

#9 – Clicksure

Clicksure is an awesome network if you are looking to promote financial products such as forex, binary options and stock trading.  They have CPAs of up to $200-$250 which can be as simple as a registration and a deposit from your visitors.  This is a great network if you are looking to hit 6-7 figures in the financial industry.

#10 – Flexoffers

Flexoffers is based in Florida with an awesome team to work with.  They have many offers ranging from consumer products to loans which you can promote and make buttloads of money if you know what you’re doing.  I would recommend signing up with these guys.

#11 – Clickbooth

Another great CPA network to apply to – I have many friends who are on this network and make good affiliate earnings.

#12 – Maxbounty

One of the oldest but yet most trusted CPA network to date.  These guys are a solid CPA network and will always pay on time.  Once you get your earnings up you could even request for weekly payouts.

#13 – Affiliate Wire

A great network if you are looking to promote technology related offers and software.

#14 – Avantlink

A great affiliate network with some awesome exclusive offers in health and fitness as well as technology.

#15 – Peerfly

Peerfly is a network that will help you make more money as long as you ask your affiliate manager on what’s hot and what’s selling like crazy.

#16 – Hostgator

Hostgator has an awesome affiliate network where you can get up to $125 per sale and this can even be an easy $7 a month hosting.

#17 – Bluehost

Bluehost located in Utah has been a solid network to promote offers for wordpress hosting, blogging and much more.

#18 – CPALead

CPA Lead allows you to lock your contents in which users will have to submit a CPA offer in order for them to access your website.  This would work very well with viral contents and sites that people could be paying for contents but getting them for free through a CPA offer.

#19 – InfinityAds

Easily monetize your website by popunder and popup ads through InfinityAds.  A great way to squeeze every penny out of any of your websites.

#20 – Adfly

Earn money by redirecting URLs and even pages to an interstitial ad using adfly.  This would be great for gaming websites and websites with massive amounts of outbound traffic.

#21 – BuySellAds

A great network to sell banner ad space on your website. You will need to get approved prior to selling your ads and they require at least 100k uniques per month or more.

#22 – Kontera

Kontera is a great network if you are looking to monetize your website with in-text ads.  These ads can be highly converting if offered to the right audience.

#23 – Madadsmedia

An alternative to adsense where you get paid per CPM (would also be a great network if you have been banned on adsense).

#24 – Neverblue

If you can get into their network, this is an amazing affiliate network with high paying offers.  You will find they have some of the highest paying offers than any other affiliate network primarily because alot of them are direct with the merchant.

#25 – Brandcaster (

If you own a couponing website, this a great way to offer free coupons for your visitors as well as make a commission for each coupon clipped.


If you are having problems finding an affiliate network to join, use this list above and find an affiliate network to promote your websites.  There are hundreds and thousands of different affiliate networks and networks within networks which you can join to start monetizing your website.  I would recommend that you try them all out and become an expert in this field so that you can find out which networks are working for you and which networks you want to avoid.  The following are the top 25 affiliate networks to join that we would recommend our clients as well as our authority site owners to join and start making money with their sites.