Top 5 Free Landing Pages For Download

For an affiliate marketer, highly effective landing pages are what’s either going to make you go from $10 a day in affiliate earnings to $1,000 a day.  Many affiliate marketers who have just started in the game or even already have some skin in the game understand how landing pages can either make or break a campaign.  It’s amazing how some landing pages convert better than others and how all you would need to do is split test to find these results.

Creating effective landing pages can make a whole world of a difference whether you are looking to drive traffic to your own offer or services or driving traffic to an affiliate offer.  You want to continually test out different landers to find out which ones are working best for you and by split testing, you will be able to find that winning campaign and eventually scale out to greater heights.  Affiliate marketing is all about testing and if you don’t have any good landing pages to test with, you are out on your own!

Within this blog post, you will find the top 5 websites that I personally use to find FREE landing pages and download them for my own use. You might need a software like macromedia dreamworks to edit and play around with these landing pages because they are all in HTML / css form.  You could download free HTML editors such as coffeecup or similar to make changes and edits to these landing pages.  Here are the top 5 free landing pages for download :


Download some super slick landing pages for free here on the Lead Pages website.




If you are on a bootstrap budget, here are some templates you could use to design your own landers!





You can find a bunch of free landing page PSD files which you can edit and create your own designs.





WordPress Free Landing Page

A free wordpress landing page theme you could use – more newbie friendly using WP’s GUI.




Free responsive themes and templates you could use.




Alex Designs

Some unique landing pages you could use created by this talented designer.




These are the top 5 free landing page websites where you can find absolutely 100% FREE landing pages that you could use for your affiliate or marketing campaigns.  Whether you are driving traffic to promote your own offers or if you are promoting an affiliate network’s campaigns, these free landing pages can help you get to where you want to be.  But remember, it’s all about SPLIT TESTING!  If a landing page is not converting very well for you, it’s either you change the type of traffic you are getting or you change your landing pages.  If you know the traffic you are sending to your landing pages are high quality visitors and you’re still not converting the way you would want to, then it’s probably your landing page that needs changing.