Top 5 Ways To Improve Work Productivity

Success no matter what you do comes in many different forms and sizes.  If success to you is being able to wake up and watch how much money you made or whether it’s waking up and getting ready to start a new business venture, there are always some additional steps you can take to boost yourself to the next level.  Here are my top 5 ways to improve work productivity and the top methods to helping me achieve a 6 figure income on the internet in affiliate marketing, sales, lead generation and much more!

Clean Your freakin’ Desk!


My mind and I’m pretty sure everyone else’s minds all work the same.  If you are working in clutter and it’s always constantly messy, your business will be messy and you won’t be able to get anything done.  It’s amazing how much work I can get done in 1-2 hours with a CLEAN desk compared to the amount of work I get done in 8 hours with a DIRTY desk.  Your productivity will shoot up the roof and you will see a dramatic improvement in how having a clean desk can affect your business.

Clean Up Your Damn Desktop!

desktop full

Does your desktop look something like this?  Maybe it’s time that you start cleaning up your desktop and see how much of a difference it will make!  In online marketing, it’s all about taking massive action and people will tell you the secrets to success is in taking MASSIVE action.  Without this, you will be dead in the water and you will never be able to succeed.  How can someone take massive action when they have all kinds of crap on their desktop?  It’s time that you start focusing on only a few things at a time before you end up doing a million things and never getting 1 thing done.  Cleaning up your computer’s desktop will do wonders and you will see productivity improve.

Use An Egg Timer To Help  You Focus


Losing focus is as easy as typing on your browser and going to or even checking emails, skype messages, checking your phone constantly, etc.  If you were to calculate the mere MINUTES that it takes for you to do these menial things, you will find that you could be spending up to 3-4 hours a day just on Facebook! Imagine how much of that time you could be utilizing to make an extra $1,000 that day or an extra $100 or whatever it may be.  I would recommend that you stay LASER FOCUSED and that you are constantly working an appetite for success.  Use an Egg Timer (

Remove All Possible Distractions In your Day


Getting rid of those day to day distractions can greatly benefit the way you focus down on your work and actually get things done.  Make some goals that you want to achieve in your business such as reaching $xxxx amount in a month or being able to complete a certain task or tasks.  You need to get rid of your day to day distractions and even to the point to where you have no friends at all! … Yes, I sometimes fall into this category.  Sometimes if you really want to hit your goals, you need to end up working those 14-16 hour days.  Sometimes all you need to do is to take massive actions and forget about everything else in your life.  There is always a time and place for everything and whether it’s spending time with your family or doing work, you need to always seperate it so that you can be more focused on your day to day actions.

Make Goals And Stick To Them Like A Madman

Goals (2)

Make certain goals and stick to them like a madman!  You want to do “WHATEVER IT TAKES” to achieve your goals no matter what anyone is going to tell you.  If your goal is to make $100,000 a month, make sure that it’s also attainable.  Don’t just make unrealistic goals and expect them to come (it does not work that way!).  You want to make sure that you are making realistic goals such as if you made $40k last year, this year your goal should be to make $50k or $80k or what Grant Cardone mentions in his 10x program, his $400k!  You want to make sure that you are setting realistic goals and find ways to get there.  Make sure that you make small goals and achieve them, then work on the bigger goals.  If you are making $3k a month, then your goal should be to hit $4k the month after. Nothing is impossible and once you’ve done it, the world will be at your mercy.