In this blog article, I’m going to show you our top 5 ways to make sales on our own Shopify stores.  You will get a general overview of how we make sales and give you shortcuts so that you won’t have to figure this out the hard way.  There are a wide variety of ways where you can generate traffic and sales to your shop, but here are the top 5 :


Method #1 – Facebook Advertising

This is by far the most effective method on the market RIGHT NOW to generate traffic and sales to your Shopify stores.  The formula to generating traffic to your stores is actually really simple – you can find our cheat sheet here.  We use this same exact cheat sheet to generate traffic and learn which offers are converting and what type of demographics we should be targeting.  If an offer is not converting, kill it!  If an offer converts very well and makes sales, SCALE IT and dump more money into it! … simple 🙂 The not-so simple method is taking the actual action and starting to create these ads.



Method #2 – Social Media Engagement

If you want people to start trusting your brand and buy from your store, you need to start building up customer engagement.  The best way to start doing this is to build up trust and reputation on your own Facebook page that is linked to your store.  We have found that by doing this, our customers started trusting us more and have gotten to know us better.  This not only builds up trust and relationship, but it also helps with the overall sales performance on our stores.


Method #3 – Reach Out To Niche Related Blogs and Bloggers

This method takes the least amount of time and effort to really just copy and paste a message.  Basically what you would want to do is search for niche blogs related to your store and simply reach out to them!  The worst they can say is NO…  All you would do is go out there and paste a simple message such as the one below :

Hi [blog owner / blog / etc.]

I am the owner of [YOUR BRAND / WEBSITE HERE] and I was just wondering if you would like to do a guest post or a promotion in exchange for [some free products / affiliate partner commission].  I really love your site and I know that this could be an amazing opportunity for us to collaborate and work together!  I could also sponsor your blog directly on my website for all of the buyers that are coming in to also check out your blog contents.  Does this sound fair?

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience


Your name + contact info


Method #4 – Advertise On Partner Blog Networks

There are partner and blog networks that you could advertise your stores on and help you get really targeted traffic.   These networks offer banner ad advertisements for a price per month or per 1,000 impressions.  The best way to start generating traffic to your shops and to get sales, is to target the RIGHT website and place your banner correctly.  This is all about positioning and if you position your offer to the right audience, you will be able to see an increase in sales.  Of course, this is all about split testing as well so you would need to find out which websites are bringing you the most sales.  You will need to add a conversion pixel to effectively do this.

Some banner ad networks you can try :

A) SiteScout – They offer self serve banner ads

B) BuySellAds – Same with sitescout (a little easier to use)

C) Adperium – Another banner ad network with over 4Billion impressions per month

D) Adwords – You can use their display network to show banner ads on relevant sites

E) Advertserve – Another premier site with over 13,000 websites to advertise on


Method #5 – Get Sponsors On Youtube / Twitter / Instagram

One of the fastest ways to grow out your brand and traffic to your Shopify stores is to get someone who has credibility in your niche to promote your store!  The best way to do this is to go out there and start messaging people on youtube, twitter, instagram and offer them free products in exchange for a shout out or a promotion back to your store.  You could also do this by offering a commission split for any items sold when using a specific affiliate url to your store.

In order to make all of this work, you really have to hustle and get yourself out there.  The successful 6 figure Shopify store owners are on the hustle on a DAILY basis.  If you are not doing your best to build up your business, no one else is going to do it for you.  You have to make mental notes and break all barriers that’s stopping you from making those sales.  Start with method #1 first on Facebook advertising and #2 with social media.  These are the top 2 fastest ways we use to generate sales on our Shopify stores.

Reach out to your market and send messages to prominent authority figures in your niche who have blogs, social media account, and networks that can help promote your store.  You would be surprised how just ONE promo on a high level authoritative social media figure can change your whole perspective on how you can get sales onto your stores.

If you have any barriers that prevent you from doing these things, get someone else to do them for you!  We actually have services that we offer and takes care of methods #1 and #2.  You can find them on our partner affiliate site Social Stinger here.  If you need a complete DFY service where you get all of the work done 100% hands-free, here are the steps :


How To Get Your Facebook Advertising Fully Automated

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#3 – If you already have a FB page, they will request access from you

#4 – Start seeing your social media accounts grow

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Sometimes in marketing, you won’t know how to do everything yourself.  This is where you get experts who know how to run Facebook ads and how to create social media accounts do everything for you.  You won’t have to worry about any of these aspects in business, rather you get the experts to do it for you!