If you are looking to get into E-commerce and want to know which niches to get into, here is a list of just some of the top niches we’ve seen so far.  The real question you should be asking yourself when finding a niche, is which niche would you be passionate about?  You also still have to remember that when choosing a niche, you would have to deal with customer support when people purchase from your stores.  The best niche to get into are the ones that you feel passionate about would be able to relate when customers ask you questions about the products.  You could of course train a VA to do all of this, but remember … at the end of the day, you are still the business owner.


#1 – Fashion

#2 – Outdoors

#3 – Camping

#4 – Pet Supplies

#5 – Shoes

#6 – Baby Clothing

#7 – Collectibles

#8 – Novelties

#9 – Sporting Goods

#10 – Self Defense

#11 – Survival

#12 – Jewelry

#13 – Arts & Crafts

#14 – Leather

#15 – Knives

#16 – Tools & Hardware

#17 – Sunglasses

#18 – Toys

#19 – Watches

#20 – Men’s Clothing

#21 – Women’s Clothing

#22 – Automotive

#23 – Candles

#24 – Gifts

#25 – Books

#26 – Souvenirs

#27 – Winter Sports

#28 – Apparel

#29 – Paintball

#30 – Electronics

#31 – First Aid

#32 – Health & Beauty

#33 – Beef Jerky

#34 – Hair 

#35 – Perfumes 

#36 – As Seen On TV

#37 – Music

#38 – Office Supplies

#39 – Smoking

#40 – Cellphones

#41 – Furniture

#42 – Candles

#43 – Gardening

#44 – Wedding Supplies

#45 – Home Decor

#46 – Vintage

#47 – Belts

#48 – Bracelets

#49 – Earrings

#50 – Necklaces

#51 – Sewing

#52 – Artwork

#53 – Paper Supplies

#54 – Bedding

#55 – Suits & Ties

The possibilities are endless and there are multiple niches out there that you could be getting into that are also not on this list.  It’s very important that you do your research and find out what you are getting yourself into before picking a niche, because ultimately you will still need to be able to support your customers.  These niches shown above are what we’ve seen personally do very well in the e-commerce industry.

My recommendation would be to find out what people are selling on stores such as ebay, amazon, aliexpress, etsy, and on Google’s shopping network to find out what kind of products are available for those niches. Then I would choose the niches that work best for you based on the types of products you are seeing. If you would buy it, then your customers would most likely buy it as well.  Go out there and get started and actually start taking ACTION.  100% of those successful e-commerce sellers out there took ACTION and there is no way around this if you want to be successful.

Here at Affiliate Pig we also help our clients create their own e-commerce store using Shopify in which we do literally … EVERYTHING.  We will build out your full Ecommerce website including all designs, well researched product additions including margins and settings.  These stores are fully loaded in which all you would have to worry about is the marketing.  You will get all of this and not have to worry about all of the time needed to learn how to build an e-commerce site or even time spent on researching the right products for your stores.  You will also get a $1500 theme that we’ve put together to help boost conversions that will be installed right on your Shopify store!  Check out an example site here : http://outdoorshiking.com (using a default theme) and http://fanaticsgear.co (using our optimized theme which you will get free of charge).  

Let us build your Shopify store today!

Steps To Get Started 

  1. Choose your niche(s) above
  2. Purchase our Shopify Done-For-You package here
  3. Send us your login information for your store
  4. Let us develop your store
  5. Start advertising your store on FB (use this cheat sheet here)
  6. Weed out the bad products and keep the good profitable ones